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Hey there! Let me explain 24Betting Exchange to you. It’s an online platform where you can bet on sports events directly against other players. They charge a commission on winnings, not margins, which might give you great odds initially. But remember, the commission can lower your potential winnings, making it similar to low-margin bookmakers.
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Exchange Details

Detail CategoryInformation
✅ Year of foundation2020
⏩ LicenseCosta Rica
☀️ Customer SupportYes. Live-chat, Feedback
✅ Min deposit100 INR
📱 Max depositNone
☀️ Software ProvidersSpinomenal, Habanero, Endorphina, Belatra Games, Platipus, Ezugi.
🤑 Min withdrawal sum100 INR
✅ Max withdrawal sumNone
⏩ Types of SportsAmerican football, Boxing, Handball, Hockey, Football, Rugby, Snooker, Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball.
🤑 CurrenciesINR only
📱 Game versionsEnglish, Hindi
☀️ Casino game optionsSlots, Live Games, Pre-match betting, Live sports betting, Betting exchange.

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New to 24Betting Exchange? Here’s what you might be wondering: What’s a betting exchange? How’s it different from online bookmakers? How do you use them? And what are the upsides and downsides? Let’s dive in and get you all the answers you need.

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Let me break down those questions for you:

  1. What is a Betting Exchange?A betting exchange is an online platform where players bet directly against each other, eliminating the need for a traditional bookmaker as an intermediary. Players can either set their own odds or accept bets from others. This unique setup significantly improves your chances of winning and finding the best odds. The exchange only takes a small commission, typically around 2-5%, for facilitating the bets.
  2. How Does It Differ from Online Bookmakers?The key difference is that in a betting exchange, the bets are between participants, not between players and a sportsbook. It’s a peer-to-peer betting system, giving you more control and potentially better odds.
  3. What Types of Bets Exist on a Betting Exchange?Betting exchanges offer two primary types of bets: “FOR” and “AGAINST.”
    • If you place a “FOR” bet, you act as a player. You choose a sporting event and place your bet. You can also set a pending order, allowing your bet to remain unfinished until the odds reach your desired value.
    • On the other hand, selecting an “AGAINST” bet means you’re playing the role of a bookmaker. You’re essentially betting that specific events within a match won’t occur, and you set the odds. You win when another participant agrees with your odds and loses their bet. Your profit is calculated as the money wagered by that participant minus the exchange commission.

In summary, a betting exchange offers a dynamic and interactive platform where you can either play as a punter or take on the role of a bookmaker. It’s a place where you can find more competitive odds and enjoy a unique betting experience by trading bets directly with fellow players.


One significant advantage of betting exchanges is the competitive odds. Since players themselves set the odds, they are generally 15-25 percent higher on average compared to those offered by traditional bookmakers. This means potentially higher returns on your bets.

Another notable benefit is the impartiality of betting exchanges. Unlike bookmakers, they aren’t concerned with who wins or loses because they earn a small commission from player profits. This eliminates disputes over questionable bets or significant winnings, creating a fair and transparent betting environment.


The primary drawback of betting exchanges is that they require a certain level of betting expertise. Beginners might find it challenging to place “AGAINST” bets, which involve betting against a particular outcome. As a result, betting exchanges are often frequented by more experienced bettors who have a better grasp of betting strategies.

In conclusion, if you’re considering betting on exchanges, take your time to learn the ropes. Familiarize yourself with the rules, betting terms, and strategies. While betting exchanges offer attractive odds and fairness, they are best suited for those with prior betting experience, as newcomers may find it initially challenging to navigate the platform effectively.


1. What is Crazy Time?

2. How can I bet on Crazy Time?

3. What strategies can I use to improve my chances in Crazy Time?

4. Is Crazy Time fair and trustworthy?

5. Can I play Crazy Time on the 24Betting Exchange platform?

Please note that the specific rules, odds, and available features may vary depending on the platform you use to play Crazy Time, so it’s important to refer to the rules and FAQs provided by the particular website you are using for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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