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Dragon Tiger, an enthralling blend of Baccarat and Casino War, boasts origins in Cambodia and has gained global recognition. The flash version simplifies gameplay: bet on one of three hands, and the highest-ranking hand clinches victory. Fewer cards and streamlined betting options make for a straightforward experience. Dive into our comprehensive guide, offering insight into Dragon Tiger’s rules, betting odds, and strategic approaches. Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned player, this resource equips you to confidently navigate the world of Dragon Tiger. Explore the nuances, refine your strategy, and elevate your gameplay in this exciting casino game.
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How to Play Dragon Tiger

How to Play Dragon Tiger

Playing Dragon Tiger, also known as Tiger 24betting, is a thrilling casino game with easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Bet Selection: Start by selecting one of three options – Dragon hand, Tiger hand, or a Tie.
  2. Card Dealing: Two cards are dealt, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger.
  3. Card Ranking: The aim is to predict which hand will have the higher-ranking card. Cards rank from lowest (Ace) to highest (King).
  4. Winning Scenarios:
    • If Dragon has the higher card, Dragon bets win.
    • If Tiger has the higher card, Tiger bets win.
    • If both hands have the same rank, it’s a Tie, and Tie bets win.
  5. Payouts: Collect your winnings based on your correct bet choice.

Dragon Tiger’s simplicity and speed make it an exciting choice for casino enthusiasts.

What is Dragon vs Tiger Game?

Tiger 24betting, often known as Dragon Tiger, is a thrilling casino table game originating from Asia but now enjoyed worldwide. This game centers on a simple objective: to wager on one of three hands and predict which will hold the highest-ranking cards. Its widespread appeal can be attributed to its straightforward rules and fast-paced gameplay, making it a favorite among Asian gamers. To excel in Tiger 24betting, players must understand the nuances of the game’s rules and develop effective strategies. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gambler, the excitement of Dragon Tiger awaits those who dare to place their bets.

Dragon Tiger Rules

  1. Bet Selection: Dragon Tiger, also known as Tiger 24betting, is a simple yet exciting casino game. Players begin by selecting one of three possible bets:
    • Dragon Hand
    • Tiger Hand
    • Tie
  2. Card Ranking: The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, excluding wild or joker cards. Cards are ranked based on their numerical values, with Aces being the lowest and Kings the highest.
  3. Payouts:
    • Betting on Dragon or Tiger and winning results in a 1:1 payout. If you bet $10, you’ll win $10.
    • Betting on a Tie and winning offers a higher payout at 11:1. If you bet $10, you’ll win $110.
  4. Gameplay: Once bets are placed, the live dealer deals two cards face-up – one for the Dragon hand and one for the Tiger hand. There are no additional card draws; it’s a one-time game.
  5. Winning Scenarios:
    • If the Dragon hand has the higher-ranking card, Dragon bets win.
    • If the Tiger hand has the higher-ranking card, Tiger bets win.
    • Betting on a Tie wins if both hands have cards of the same rank.
  6. Special Rule: If you bet on either Dragon or Tiger and both hands end up with cards of the same rank (a tie), you’ll lose half of your wager.

Variations at 24betting:

Each of these variations maintains the fundamental Dragon Tiger rules but may differ in terms of the overall gaming experience, making it accessible and exciting for players of all preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional approach or a more interactive one, Dragon Tiger has something for everyone at 24betting.

Cards and Table

Cards and Table

In the world of Tiger 24betting, the table setup closely resembles that of Baccarat. The key difference is the presence of Dragon and Tiger sides instead of Player and Dealer. This visually engaging setup features Dragon and Tiger symbols rising on the left and right sides against a lush green backdrop. At the bottom of the table, you’ll find the Dragon, Tie, and Tiger betting boxes, where your fortunes hang in the balance.

When it comes to cards, Dragon Tiger is typically played with 4 to 8 decks, each comprising 52 cards. No wild cards or jokers are in play here. The ranking of cards is refreshingly straightforward – a card’s value aligns with its numerical rank. This simplicity adds to the game’s appeal, making it a favorite among casino enthusiasts.

Tie Bet Rules At Dragon Tiger

In Tiger 24betting, understanding Tie Bet rules is essential. Betting correctly on a tie in Dragon Tiger can yield a rewarding payout of 11 times your wager. To win the tie option, you need two cards with the same rank, regardless of their suits.

For a suit tie, the rule remains the same, but the cards must not only be of the same rank but also the same suit. In this case, your payout can skyrocket to an impressive 50 times your initial stake. Mastery of these tie bet rules adds an exciting dimension to your Dragon Tiger strategy.

Dragon Tiger Live Odds

Dragon Tiger BetRTP
Suited Tie86.02%

As shown, Dragon/Tiger bets offer the highest Return to Player (RTP) at 96.72%, making them a favorable choice for players. Betting on a Tie provides an RTP of 89.64%, while a Suited Tie, though less common, has an RTP of 86.02%. These RTP percentages are comparable to other popular casino games like Baccarat and Casino War, highlighting the engaging and competitive nature of Dragon Tiger.

Dragon Tiger Betting Options and Payouts

In the game of Dragon Tiger, players have three fundamental betting options: Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there; Dragon Tiger also offers various intriguing side bets with corresponding payouts, as detailed in the table below:

Bet TypeDescriptionPayout
Bet with DragonPlayer loses half the bet money in a tie game1:1
Bet with TigerPlayer loses half the bet money in a tie game1:1
Bet with TiePlayer wins 8 times the bet money in a tie game11:1
Bet with Suited TieBetting on the tie based on the suit50:1
Bet with Big or SmallPlayer bets on the highest or lowest-ranking cards1:1
Bet with Odd or EvenPlayer bets on odd or even numbers1:1
Bet with Red or BlackPlayer bets on red or black cards1:1
Bet with One Red or One BlackBetting on one red or one black card1:1
Bet with SuitBetting on the suit type3:1
Bet with Two Red or Two BlackBetting on two red or two black cards3:1

These diverse betting options and their corresponding payouts add layers of excitement and strategy to the Dragon Tiger experience, allowing players to customize their gameplay and potentially increase their winnings based on their chosen bets.

Dragon Tiger Game Strategy

Dragon Tiger Game Strategy

Mastering Dragon Tiger strategies is straightforward, given the game’s simplicity. Here are some popular strategies to enhance your gameplay:

  1. Dragon or Tiger Rule: Place your bets on either Dragon or Tiger. Both hands offer a higher Return to Player (RTP) compared to other bets. Your chances of drawing a high-ranking card on Dragon or Tiger are also relatively better.
  2. Avoid the Tie: In Dragon Tiger, it’s wise to avoid the tie bet. While it offers an enticing payout, the tie bet has a lower RTP and is riskier. Only a few tie bets actually result in a draw.
  3. Betting on Suits: Some casinos offer the option to bet on suits. If available, consider this strategy. Keep track of which suits have and haven’t been dealt. Then, place your bets accordingly, enhancing your odds of success.

With these simple yet effective strategies, you can increase your chances of winning in Dragon Tiger. While the game may be easy to learn, employing the right tactics can make a significant difference in your overall success and enjoyment of the game.

Dragon Tiger Card Counting

Card counting is a widely used strategy in the world of casino table games, and it finds special favor in the Dragon Tiger casino game. What makes Dragon Tiger particularly suited for card counting is the relatively small deck of cards involved.

A straightforward card counting method in Dragon Tiger involves tracking the distribution of big and small cards. Knowing how many of each category have been dealt can be invaluable. Additionally, keeping an eye on the appearance of 7 cards is crucial, as they commonly feature in Dragon Tiger bets like Dragon/Tiger, Big/Small, and Odd/Even.

For instance, when you observe that a significant number of lower cards have already been dealt, you can anticipate that higher cards are likely to be in the remaining deck. This presents an advantageous situation for you, allowing you to place larger bets and potentially multiply your winnings.

Card counting in Dragon Tiger adds an element of strategy to the game, offering players an opportunity to make more informed betting decisions based on the cards that have already been revealed.

Variations of Dragon Tiger

  1. Evolution Dragon Tiger: Evolution Gaming presents a player-friendly version of Dragon Tiger with a generous 11:1 payout in the event of a tie and a standard 1:1 payout for Dragon/Tiger bets.
  2. Playtech Dragon Tiger: Playtech’s rendition boasts darker visuals and offers a unique 10:1 payout for tie bets.
  3. Ezugi Dragon Tiger: Ezugi’s version features an 8:1 payout for tie bets, making it slightly less favorable for tie betting compared to Playtech’s version.
  4. XPG Dragon Tiger: XPG stands out with a range of side bets, including options like odd/even and big/small, each with a payout ratio of 3:1. While side bets are not common in many Dragon Tiger versions, XPG offers this extra layer of excitement for players seeking more diverse wagering options.

These variations provide different aesthetics, rules, and payout structures, catering to a wide range of preferences among Dragon Tiger enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for higher tie payouts or additional side bets, there’s likely a Dragon Tiger version that suits your gaming style.

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