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24betting Cricket is a prominent platform for all cricket enthusiasts and bettors. It provides users with in-depth insights, analysis, and odds related to various cricket matches around the globe. Whether you’re a fan of Test matches, ODIs, or T20 leagues, 24betting offers comprehensive information to help guide your betting decisions. With its user-friendly interface, it becomes an essential tool for both seasoned punters and those new to the cricket betting world. For accurate updates and expert tips, look no further than 24betting Cricket.
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Cricket betting at 24Betting.

Game Features

Game TypeSports Betting
Primary FocusCricket Matches
Betting OptionsMatch Winner, Top Scorer, Match Score, Toss Winner, etc.
Live BettingYes (Real-time betting during live matches)
Mobile CompatibilityFully optimized for mobile devices
Expert AnalysisProvided for major matches with tips and predictions
Tournaments CoveredIPL, Ashes, T20 World Cup, ICC World Cup, Big Bash, CPL, etc.
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Cards, E-wallets, Bank Transfers
Customer Support24/7 via chat, email, and phone
Security MeasuresSSL encryption, Two-factor authentication, Licensed platform

In cricket, the defending team comprises one bowler and ten fielders. The team batting has two players, called “batsmen”, positioned at opposite ends of the pitch.

The objective for the batting side is to accumulate as many runs as possible within a specified number of deliveries, called an “over” (consisting of six balls delivered by the bowler), or until the fielding team gets them out.

The batsman’s goal is to strike the ball in such a way that it either reaches the boundary for extra runs or is hit far enough to allow them to run between the wickets.

Cricket holds immense popularity in countries like Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. South Africa enjoyed significant cricket prominence until 1961. The sport also has a notable presence in certain European countries, including the Netherlands and Denmark.

24betting Cricket: Top Cricketing Nations

The following countries are renowned for their prowess in cricket championships:

  • India
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

Additionally, the pinnacle of cricket tournaments is the Cricket World Cup, held every four years.

Cricket betting at 24Betting.
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24betting Cricket: Betting Options

Betting Line Depth

  • The depth of the betting line varies based on the prestige of the tournament.
  • More prestigious tournaments offer a wider array of betting options, while lesser-known championships may have fewer.

Available Cricket Betting Outcomes:

  1. Match outcome;
  2. Toss winner (predicting which team will bat or bowl first);
  3. Total runs scored;
  4. Total wickets taken;
  5. Individual player run totals;
  6. Match handicap;
  7. Exact score by runs;
  8. Player of the match;
  9. Top performing group of players;
  10. Best bowler or batsman;
  11. Long-term bets (based on overall tournament results).

Cricket Betting Strategies at 24Betting

When it comes to betting on cricket, various strategies can be employed to enhance your chances of success. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Betting Against the Draw in Test Matches

  • This tactic involves wagering against the possibility of a draw (betting on the outcome ’12’) in test matches.
  • Historically, the frequency of tied scores has declined over the years:
    • In the 80s: Approximately 45% of matches ended in draws.
    • In the 90s: About 35% of matches were draws.
    • In the last decade: Approximately 27% of matches ended in draws.
  • This strategy focuses on matches with closely matched odds, typically ranging from 1.27 to 1.40 for the ‘no draw’ outcome.

2. Betting on the Coin Toss

  • This strategy is well-suited for in-play betting and takes advantage of the importance of the coin toss in cricket.
  • Teams that win the toss often gain a significant advantage.
  • For instance, during the 2019 One-Day Cricket World Cup, the team winning the toss won 65% of the matches.
  • To implement this strategy, look for events where the odds on the underdog are not higher than 4.00. Watch the match’s live broadcast and place your bet in favor of the underdog if they win the coin toss.

How to Bet on Cricket at 24Betting: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Registration: Begin by signing up on the 24Betting website or app.
  2. Verification: Ensure you verify your account. This process is quick.
  3. Access Features: Once verified, unlock the myriad of 24Betting services, such as:
    • Funding your account
    • Placing your bets
    • Withdrawing your winnings
  4. Choose Your Sport: Navigate to the left side menu on the site, or select the “line” tab in the app to find cricket or your desired sport.
  5. Research Before Betting: Dive into team statistics and past performance in the dedicated sections to make an informed bet.

Remember: Betting should be done responsibly and in compliance with your region’s regulations.

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Crucial Aspects to Note When Betting on Cricket at 24Betting

  1. Toss Outcome: Always take note of the toss result before a match. It determines which team bats first, granting them a potential edge over their competitors.
  2. Weather Watch: Cricket is highly sensitive to weather changes. Rain can halt play, and looming clouds might lead to shorter game durations.
  3. Home Advantage: A team playing at their home ground not only enjoys fan support but is also familiar with the field’s intricacies.

When placing bets, it’s essential to be aware of these factors to make informed decisions. Remember to bet responsibly!

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